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Microsoft Windows 10 was introduced formally on 30.9.2014. Everything about this OS is still too new and it takes time for people to experience all the fun of it (Microsoft quoted). This article is meant to help you catch the highlights on Windows 10 most accurately.

After the “failure” of Windows 8 with a lot of complaints about the performance as well as many other things, Microsoft has listened to users and change over time to consist with the majority of Windows users.

Here are 10 highlights of Windows 10 as of this moment:

1. Differences in the name?


Well, this may be the biggest surprise of Microsoft for everyone. Before the official launch of the new operating system, all rumors, news and discussions agreed that the next OS version will be Windows 9. And finally, Microsoft skipped the number 9 and launched the Windows 10 that amazed many people.

Why Microsoft to ignore the number 9? Representatives of Microsoft said that Windows 10 operating system would be completely different from the previous operating system, it could be used on devices: laptop, or tablet PC, Xbox … Therefore, they need the figure 10 for something completely new, while the number 9 is only the evolution of the figure 8.

Some people believe that this is the laziness of programmers of Microsoft. Programmers can use the first number of the operating system only, it should be touched with the older operating systems such as Windows 95, 98.

2. All of the apps in Windows Store can run in Windows

All of the apps in Windows Store can run in Windows

If you’ve ever used Windows 8, you will see a lot of apps in Windows store, but they only work in the metro environment. All app built with small size, fast and sometimes some very nice looking app (compared with software running on Windows).

When installing Windows 10, you can easily use these apps in desktop environment (desktop environment) as other softwares. Do you regularly use the app in the Windows Store and enjoy being able to run them in the Desktop environment? For me, this is absolutely great! Especially some apps I usually use such as Flipboard, Skype …

All the app will work normally in Desktop environment and you can use the same awesome window management shortcuts for them.

3. Start menu (the perfect combination between the Start menu of Windows 7 and the Windows 8 Start screen)

Start menu windows 10

After many complaints about the difficulty in use of Windows 8 Start screen which does not support the touch screen of user’s device (laptop, PC), Microsoft has adapted when applied back the Start menu as Windows 7’s.

It is said that the return but in the Start menu of Windows 10 is the perfect combination between the Start menu in Windows 7 and Start Screen of Windows 8. As you can see in the picture above, we can easily see the right column of the Start menu is a full list of applications, folders … very familiar as Windows 7. Besides, the live tiles where you can easily add applications, shortcuts … just like the Start Screen in Windows 8.
Of course, for devices that support touch screen, the Start Screen will be the default when you install Windows 10.

See more: How to switch back the Start Screen in Windows 10.

4. Windows 10 Virtual Desktops (Task view)

Yup, Microsoft has officially intergrated the feature Virtual Desktops on Windows 10. If you use Linux or Mac, you will find the convenience of Virtual Desktops.

In Windows 10, this feature is integrated into the system and called “Task view”. For those who do not know, here is a function that allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them. You can create a space on your computer (desktop space dedicated) for entertainment, tracking the social and for designing or programming … This is the most interesting features on WIndows 10 you should learn to serve your needs.

Cool tip: Use WIN + Tab to manage Virtual Desktops

5. Awesome Windows Management

This funtion is available on the Windows 8 but not very effective for users. And it seems that Microsoft is increasingly listen to their users when complete Windows Management perfectly on Windows 10 day by day.

If you are a professional working with Remote Desktop environment, you no longer feel strange with the screen divided into two sections to display 2 software. And now, on Windows 10, you can optionally arranged according to the level of important applications to prioritize work to show. This function allows you to display four applications simultaneously on the screen (each application occupies 1/4 of the screen).


What do you think about Windows 10? You will intend to upgrade to Windows 10?

After reading through the highlight features of Windows 10, it can fit your needs or not? You will upgrade it? Please share your comments about Windows 10 in the box below