Hands-on Windows 10 Preview Build 9926 (New menu start, icon and more…)

Surprisingly, Microsoft officially launched the latest version of Windows 9926 build 10 Technical Preview today, we don’t have to wait until next week, therefore we can update and immediately experience this new operating system. Build 9926 has more changes than its last version, from the Start menu, the icon of the new system, application consolidation […]

Windows 10 Event on Wednesday and what the users want to know

Windows 10 Event on Wednesday and what the users want to know

Just over one more day to the 2nd Windows 10 event of Microsoft, which will be officially begun on Wednesday. “The next chapter” is known to be set for this event with a desire to open a new chapter for the company’s new operating system. This is the first major event of the Microsoft aims […]


Only Windows 7, 8 can directly update to Windows 10

All computers running Windows 7 or 8 can directly update to Windows 10 without having to reinstall the operating system. Unfortunately, the computer using another operating system such as XP, Vista are not supported to update to Windows 10. If you want to use Windows 10 computers with Windows XP, Vista, the only way is […]


Ready to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8.1 by Official Tool

In Jan – 2015, Microsoft will officially introduce Windows 10 Consumer Preview. If you have not installed Windows 10 Technical Preview yet, don’t be afraid of its error problems affecting your work, or you simply do not know when the official Windows 10 released, Microsoft will help you. Recently, Windows engineering team has released a […]

What’s new in the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860

After nearly a month officially launched Windows 10, Microsoft announced the latest updates for Windows 10 Technical Preview with the number 9860. This is the first update with over 7000 changes from the first beta. The update will have capacities ranging from 2GB to 2.74Gb depending on computer configuration, system language you use. Highlights of […]

Microsoft explained why they ignored the number 9, introduced Windows 10

Microsoft explained why they ignored the number 9, introduced Windows 10

Recently, in a speech at the Dreamforce conference, Tony Prophet, deputy director of marketing dept of Microsoft has explained why Windows 10 is the next version of Windows 8.1, not Windows 9 as predicted? When Microsoft officially introduced Windows 10 on last September 30, almost the whole world was astonished. That’s contrary to everything that people anticipate […]

Start menu windows 10

10 Highlights of Windows 10 you should know

Microsoft Windows 10 was introduced formally on 30.9.2014. Everything about this OS is still too new and it takes time for people to experience all the fun of it (Microsoft quoted). This article is meant to help you catch the highlights on Windows 10 most accurately. After the “failure” of Windows 8 with a lot […]