How to change the dominant color of Windows 10

How to change the main color of Windows 10

On Windows 10, if you pay a little attention, you will see the main color of Start menu, Windows borders, taskbar are the same. Especially, this color will be automatically calculated according to the color of the wallpaper you are using. For example, red is the main color of your background, Windows 10’s dominant color […]

How to switch back the Start screen in Windows 10

How to switch back the Start screen in Windows 10 (like Windows 8)

Besides the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the display of Start menu. They’ve tried to have a great combination between the Start menu on Windows 7 and the Windows 8 Start Screen. There are a lot of people who use the PC very interested in this comprehensive changes of Windows 10. However, we […]

Download Windows 10 from Microsoft

How to download Windows 10 Technical preview from Microsoft’s website

Microsoft officially released Windows 10 yesterday, and now you can easily download Windows 10 Technical Preview to experience its new features as well as significant changes from Windows 8.1. There are 2 direct way to download 10 windows from Microsoft’s homepage: Participating in the Microsoft’s new Microsoft Insider Program with a free acc and you […]