How to change the dominant color of Windows 10

On Windows 10, if you pay a little attention, you will see the main color of Start menu, Windows borders, taskbar are the same. Especially, this color will be automatically calculated according to the color of the wallpaper you are using. For example, red is the main color of your background, Windows 10’s dominant color will be moved to the red (do you believe it? Try changing the wallpaper and feel it!).

This feature is quite small but wonderful, it makes you feel comfortable. This ever -changing action does not make you feel boring even though working on the computer all day long. On Windows 10, besides the return of Start menu, the dominant color impresses the users much but sometimes also cause discomfort for many users because of unpleasant colors.

However, you can easily change the main color of the Windows 10 to fit you better as well as select your favorite colors.

How to change Windows 10′ color

  • Firstly, click on the icon WIN, move the mouse to a blank frame in the application list to the right. Then right-click, and select Personalize


Tip: Another way, right click on desktop and select Personalize > choose the Color tab to the bottom of the Personalize

  • In the color management Windows display, you can easily find a list of 15 colors are spectified by Microsoft + 1 automatic selection (automatically choose the color as Wallpaper).


  • Click on your favorite color, then the system will automatically adjust (demo). The colors of start menu, windows borders and taskbar will be changed according to the color you choose. In addition, you can easily increase or decrease color intensity for the better fit.


Tip: You can easily coordinate your favorite color by: click on Show color mixer to start changing factors: Hue, Saturation, Brightness.

  • After completing the selection of the color of your own, choose Save changes to confirm the changes for your Windows 10.