Download Windows 10 from Microsoft

Microsoft officially released Windows 10 yesterday, and now you can easily download Windows 10 Technical Preview to experience its new features as well as significant changes from Windows 8.1.

There are 2 direct way to download 10 windows from Microsoft’s homepage:

  • Participating in the Microsoft’s new Microsoft Insider Program with a free acc and you can easily download Windows 10 Technical and participate in Windows users’ Community.
  • If you are not interested in Microsoft’s new Insider Program. Please choose a direct link in our download page to download the ISO files and get the experiences immediately.

How to got Into Microsoft’s New Insider Program?

Participation in this program is FREE and you will always get the latest information for this new operating system.

1. Firstly, visit:

How to download windows 10 Technical preview from Microsoft’s website

Here, click on “Get started” > “Join Now” to participate in the program. As mentioned above, you must have a Microsoft account (if you don’t have one, create free here).


The program will ask you to confirm the login information as well as update new information about Windows 10 for you.

OK, and the most boring step: all the terms of using the program you need to know … blah …. blahh …. (You can read through it, but sorry I have no time :(). After reading it, select the “I Accept” to confirm officially participate in the program or “Cancel” to against the terms of use (If press Cancel, you will be returned to the homepage).

Accept to join Windows insider

Complete all the registration steps and you’ll be directed to the welcome page. Click “install Windows 10 Technical Preview” to be directed to the versions of Windows 10 Technical Preview’s download page.

Windows Insider Program

Thank God, we’ve been in the list of direct links for Windows 10 technical preview. Please select your language version as well as the support system (64bit or 32bit) and click the Download button to begin downloading the ISO file to install Windows 10 on your computer.

Link download Windows 10 Technical Preview

Watch Video “How to download Windows 10 Technical preview”

Direct link for Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO Download

If you do not want to do these complex steps, we are always looking for ways to meet all your demands at
All the language versions of Windows 10 Technical directly from Microsoft’s site (select language to download):


What to do with the ISO file on Windows 10 Technical Preview

After downloading ISO file, transfer the ISO file to your choice of installation media (for example a DVD or your trusty USB flash drive). Eventually, just install it like we did with the last operating system, or simply double-click the setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the display.

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