Surprisingly, Microsoft officially launched the latest version of Windows 9926 build 10 Technical Preview today, we don’t have to wait until next week, therefore we can update and immediately experience this new operating system. Build 9926 has more changes than its last version, from the Start menu, the icon of the new system, application consolidation Settings, even Windows Store is changing its interface intuitively and conveniently . Cortana, it cannot be activated in Vietnam yet, we are finding it out and will share with you when we already know it.

1. New Start Menu Interface

New Start Menu Interface
The Start default interface with a black background looks very cool and you can change it to any color you want by changing the theme for the operating system. The Tile box is still appears next to the app list available in the machine, but you can scroll up and down to browse through more boxes without organize them horizontally. In return, we cannot  increase or decrease the size of the Start Menu like in the Windows 10 build version  anymore. We do not know why Microsoft skip this feature, feel sad a little bit!
In addition, the Enterprise also added the Start Menu button to open Fullscreen, almost like the old Start on Windows 8. This interface is suitable for those who using tablets or   Windows 10 touch devices than using the desktops with normal mouse and keyboard. It’s like a whole new environment for your finger to touch the graphical objects on the screen more comfortable, so great!
Note: in the build 9926, the Start Menu sometimes will not appear even if you press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Start button. Microsoft announced it is the fault of the OS, and they will fix it soon.

2. Search Bar with faster speeds

Compared with the previous build, build 9926 has faster search speed and quickly results   as well. The state of being ranked in the search box that I encountered in the previous verson did not exist, it is praiseworthy to Microsoft. This is where we use Cortana, but in Vietnam, Microsoft has not allowed to activate this virtual assistant. I’ll find a way to go to see Cortana can activate or not and immediately notify you to know.

3. Many new icon

Many new icon in Windows 10 Build 9926

The icon used to represent folders, This Computer, Network and many other places were  redesigned flatter and more modern look. The symbol of the buttons on the interface system also smaller than in previous or current versions Windows 8, and I like it because it gives …….. This icon set have been leaked before and now Microsoft has officially brought it into Windows 10. Of course it still has not been replaced in few places, such as the symbol of the partition in This PC. Hopefully the enterprise will complete  these points in the upcoming time

4. Skype better, but not the latest

Skype on Windows 10 build 9926 intergrated and its interface is very modern and suitable for use on both the sensor and the traditional desktop computer. Everything is loud and clear, and in the chat interface, the contents of the chat show very clearly that we are not distracted by too many buttons and icons as before.
However this is not the latest Skype. Microsoft promises to launch a new version with a simpler interface, lighter and better integrated with Windows 10. Perhaps the enterprise will provide it in the other update.

5. Spartan browser

It’s not available on the 9926 build yet. Microsoft said that they would add it in the next update. I as well as you are looking forward to testing it.