Your Information

We do not store any personal or organizational information on our website system. However, in order to participate in the discussion of our topic, you need to provide your information for our comment service called Disqus to register for an account.

Delicious Cookies

To fit some advertising partners, we are required to tell you that all the commercials are using cookies to track clients (location, habit of using the internet) for the purpose of giving ads accordingly. This is happening with almost websites in the world. However, if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can block websites store cookies on your browser, this default that your information will not be stored on the internet.

Email Privacy

All the contact emails are confidential carefully. We are committed not to sell email information to any partner even though we do not have too much funding to maintain the site.

Chances of this policy

All the information above may change at any time without prior notice to anyone. However, we will try to let you know if the chances are important.