How to switch back the Start screen in Windows 10

Besides the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the display of Start menu. They’ve tried to have a great combination between the Start menu on Windows 7 and the Windows 8 Start Screen. There are a lot of people who use the PC very interested in this comprehensive changes of Windows 10. However, we understand that some peope those who get used to and be familiar with this Start Screen on Windows 8 will not be happy with this change.

Start Screen Windows 8 - Start Menu Windows 10

And it must be amazing when Microsoft allows us to switch between the two interfaces Start Menu and Start Screen extremely easily than ever before. It takes less than one minute to experience the so familiar Start Screen on Windows 8.

Here is a basic guide to switch back the start screen in Windows 10

  • Right-click the Taskbar, select Properties

How to switch back the Start screen in Windows 10 - Step 1

  • The screen displays Properties interface, you need to Navigate to the Start Menu tab. Next step, uncheck the “Use the Start Screen instead of Start Menu“. Click OK to Save all changes,¬†System will request you log out and login again to switch to Start Screen.

How to switch back the Start screen in Windows 10 - Step 2

  • Finally, log out and then log in to enjoy your results.

Yes! After login to Windows, you will immediately see the Start screen. Can you remember it? I actually enjoy being able to detect this return.

Note: For some laptops with touch screen support, Windows system will automatically detect and choose the Start screen by default. (I tried to install on the suface 3 Pro and clear it).

* If you want to use the Start Menu, then follow the steps above. Go to step 4, please check the “Use the Start Screen instead of Start Menu” to apply the Windows 10 Start Menu for you.

How do you feel? Do you enjoy the new Start menu of Windows 10 much more than Start Screen of Windows 8?