After nearly a month officially launched Windows 10, Microsoft announced the latest updates for Windows 10 Technical Preview with the number 9860. This is the first update with over 7000 changes from the first beta.
The update will have capacities ranging from 2GB to 2.74Gb depending on computer configuration, system language you use. Highlights of the 9860 build is Action Center, in which focuses all the notifications of the operating system, desktop applications or in Windows Store app … Also, the addition of new features are Battery Sense VAF DataSense.

Here are the highlights of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9860

1. Action Center

Action Center in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9860

This is a feature that most people waiting for in Windows 10, and you can see all the messages from the lower right corner of your desktop (click to the icon next to the clock). Similarly on Windows Phone, the notification of the same app will be grouped together. In addition, the Action Center not only displays the message of app Modern but also inform about the operating system or the traditional desktop software.
Cool tip: To access notifications, simply click on the corresponding message text and the app will display the message content.
To delete a certain notification, click on the “x” to the right of the message or click on “Clear All” to clears all notifications in the Action Center.
To further customize the messages in Action Center, you can access the PC settings> Search and apps> Notifications to set up according to individual.

2. Data Sense

data sense windows 10 technical preview build 9860

Yuh, Data Sense is a feature inherited from Windows Phone, maybe this is a clear sign for the integration of mobile and computer operating systems together.
With Data Sense, you will manage as well as limited capacity for mobile devices with 3G, 4G LTE. This feature allows you to follow the data consumption by WIFI and by 3G / 4G, analyze network usage of each process and application of the machine.

3. Battery Saver


It is another additional feature inherited from Windows Phone. After activation, Battery Saver can effectively restrain the background task, and refine the hardware and the systems setup of your device for longer battery life.
However, this function has been disabled in this version build 9860. Hoping that Microsoft can complete this function for the user in the future.

4. Optional updated version of Windows “fast” or “slow”


In Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9860, Microsoft has added the option to update Windows 10 Technical Preview with 2 mode “Fast” or “Slow”. Those who choose “Fast” will get faster and more updates, and select “Slow”, the update will offset slower but less errors and higher stability.
This option can be found in the PC Settings> Update and recovery> Preview builds.

5. Some other changes

– The effect smoother motion between the virtual desktop and the display of  folder, app …
– When you are in any window, press Win + Shift + arrow keys to move back and forth between the screen together.

How to install Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860

To install the 9860 version changes, you can follow the instructions below:
  • – Click Start, type search “Windows update
    – Select “Windows Update Settings”
    – In the left menu, select ‘Preview Builds
    – Click “Check” and wait for the system checks the version update for you.
    – Click “Download Now” to begin installing the new version. After downloading the update is complete, the system will ask you to restart the operating system to start the process of updating the new version.
Note: According to Microsoft, this version will not have to install ISO file. You can only upgrade through Windows Update system.