Windows 10 Event on Wednesday and what the users want to know
Just over one more day to the 2nd Windows 10 event of Microsoft, which will be officially begun on Wednesday. “The next chapter” is known to be set for this event with a desire to open a new chapter for the company’s new operating system. This is the first major event of the Microsoft aims to introduce the salient features of Windows 10 as well as important information relating to the release date, price, especially the development plans of Windows 10 Microsoft in the future.
Let’s go through the information that many of us hope to know in this event of Microsoft.

Release date and price of Windows 10

As Microsoft announced at the event in September, Windows 10 is expected to release by Microsoft in the fall of this year. However, the specific release date, Microsoft has yet to be announced officially.
Recently, Apple has just declared that they will offer free OS X Yosemite for all Mac computers this fall. This move is considered significant difficulties for Windows 10 while Microsoft certainly cannot provide its new operating system free. Users most concerned about are the cost versus the Windows 8’s and those who upgrade from Windows 8, 7 have the preferential treatment or not.

Release date of Windows 10 Consumer Preview

After great success with over a million users testing the Technical Preview released in October last year. We are all waiting for a more complete version of Windows 10. This version is expected to be less error than the previous version as well as many new ideas will be developed into reality.
In addition, the compatibility with devices (laptop, mobile, tablet) is also have a lot of concern.

Windows 10 for mobile devices (Windows phone 10)

Windows 10 operating system is believed to be able to run on all devices – from laptops to smartphones (according to a Microsoft representative). If Microsoft can do so, this will be their great success in aligning multiple devices together.
how do you feel if desktop applications can run smoothly on your smartphone? However, to do so, more efforts should be made by Microsoft in the future.
In the Microsoft event, we all hope to see a version dedicated to mobile, it can be a bit of experience with Windows phone 10.

Microsoft will release a new browser – “Spartan”

For many people, the Internet Explorer browser is too old, too slow compared to other popular browsers. Although Microsoft has made significant improvements since the IE 11 version, but it still not be well received.
Lately, it seems that Microsoft has to listen to users when they announced they will introduce a new browser called “Spartan” on Windows 10.
Microsoft is promising this will be the browser with major changes and hope everyone will enjoy it.
After experiencing IE 11, I still hope Spartan will be the renovation in the competition of the browser market.

Besides those interesting things mentioned above, what are you waiting for this Windows 10 event on this Wednesday. Let compare and discuss with us right here!