Insider Hub Windows 10
In the beginning of this week, Microsoft continues to release updates for Windows 10 Technical with number 9879. This is the 2nd update from the official release date of Windows 10.
In this build 9879, Microsoft has added many features that users recommended the most: hidden Search button and Task View button in the taskbar (Tip: Right-click on the Taskbar and choose hidden feature).
hidden Search button and Task View button in the taskbar
In the area of File Explorer Home, you can easily pin the folder, the file you want to easily access.
In addition, The most highlight of the 9879 build is to support operations on the trackpad multitouch, this is one of the features Microsoft introduced on the official release date of Windows 10. Specifically, Windows Media Player 10 is supported on playing MKV movies  was announced to update in build 9860 but not completed).

Some other key features of Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9879:

Insider Hub feature is added to the build 9879: this is the app so you can easily track all information about Windows 10 right on your computer.
Insider Hub Windows 10Cool tips: To open Insider Hub, type “Insider Hub” in the search box
The additional Snap Assist mode helps “snap” applications on multiple screens.
Onedrive are added the option “Selective SYNs” which can help the user easily select one (or all) of folder want to sync on your computer. After the Syns option, the files in the Onedrive folder on your computer  can use immediately without internet (familiar to the Available Offline feature but more intuitive and convenient).
Internet Explorer is much improved in 9879 to help support builds better layout for the website is designed for webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera …).

How to update Windows 10 Technical Preview 9879 now?

Access to PC Settings> Update and Recovery> Preview Builds> Check Now and wait for the update is complete.
Also you can download the ISO file to proceed the installation of Windows 10
– See How to install Windows 10